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Carryall Bag 2 Pockets

Carryall Bag 2 Pockets

code: 1608700
EAN: 7861560007808
without VAT: 714,00 Kč
with VAT: 864 Kč
accessibility: in stock


This transport bag is possible to use for transport metal detectors on transport luggage rack of your car. It matches a long term storage of your aparatus in a dry surrounding, for example on a clothes cupboard, under a bed, in a basement…However it can be used even during transit by means of transport when travel for unusual searching experiences…Tha bag characterization: the bag is made from harder textile, on one side has got 1 strap over a shoulder, another 2 straps on the other side. The bag has got 2 pockets –smaller one for tiny things and bigger one which is available even for a trowel.
The bag size: in unfolded condition: 115 cm (length) x 35 cm (width)