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Coil ACE 8.5x11" DD

Coil ACE 8.5x11" DD

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The new executive Garrett DD searching coil offers these assets during searching:
This coil is delivered as a basic coil with the new AT PRO International detector.
• DD coil arrangement enables more reliable detection, depth reach and increases the whole performance; substantially decreases negative effects in strongly mineralized soil and interference arising in salty water and in industrially manured fields.
• The long and thin indetification field enables excellent coverage during scanning and mainly improved separating abilities in comparison with conventional coils.
• Garrett exclusively: blunt top and bevelled probe back extend the whole scan coil area and that is why offer searching conditions alongside hard obstacles (walls, rocks, fences, etc.).
• The coil is optimalized for maximum identification depth and for detection of relics, coins and small targets, typical for Europe and UK!
• Excellent visibility of the ground through searching coil.
• Sturdy Rhino – Tough™, the coil construction filled by epoxide resin
• Waterproof execution; neutral blending in the water.