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Malá nepromokavá mošna - maskáčové provedení

Malá nepromokavá mošna - maskáčové provedení

code: 1612900
EAN: 7861560042076
without VAT: 285,00 Kč
with VAT: 345 Kč
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Multipurpose bag with the belt over a shoulder or across a chest. It is suitable for storing found targets from the smallest ones, as are the coins, tiny jewellery to the medium big targets, as are horse needs and smaller horseshoes. The bag is designed the way to the most important things as are mobile telephone or hand detector Pro-Pointer be at hand immediately. To the quick hold of the these aparatus cases serves the tight textile skirting in the upper zone og the bag. The bag itself is protected against a loss found objects by zipper. I tis designed in neutral masking colour. Thanks to adjustable shoulder strip, shape and processing is suitable complement of equipment every seeker.