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Magnascanner PD 6500i IP65

Magnascanner PD 6500i IP65

code: 1168425
without VAT: 164.100,00 Kč
with VAT: 198.561 Kč
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Completely new PD 6500i pass-through gate uses (DSP) digital signal processor – technology based on more complete metal detection: on the left side, through the middle of trunk to the right side – scannig of checking out person from the head to the foot. PD 6500i systematically enables to exclude harmless metal objects like coins, jewels, keys, cigarette cases or belt buckles. Proportions: 90x70x220, 74 kg
Thanks to unique method: ,direction on 33 points‘ it is possible to determine in which part are situated dangerouse objects. For example if the man passes through the gate and has got the gun in the left breast pocket, the keys in the trousers pocket and the knife fixed to the right leg there comes up the light indication in the left upper part and in the right lower part of light signalling. In case of carrying keys as a object which is not dangerouse there will not be any alarm showing.
NOTICE: mentioned price od the detector DOES NOT COVER: transport to the place given by costumer, montage and installation, calibration and technical training of the crew.

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