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Magnascanner MT 5500

Magnascanner MT 5500

code: 1167720
EAN: 7861560011386
without VAT: 114.885,00 Kč
with VAT: 139.011 Kč
accessibility: on request


In case that your main priority is the productivity and the capacity we offer Magnascanner MT 5500. Indication coils are placed in both panels on the both sides which greatly make easy the indication of a searching metal object. Dual LED light graph enables to exactly identificate the side which is the founded object situated in.
Improved detection systém, backward control of set programs, information of actual setting, dual bargraph, it is the technology which distinguishes this detector from the others pass-through gates.
Large number of the scanning coils minimizes the danger of wrong detection and brings possibilities for more sensitive setting of detection sensitivity.
Sound and light alarm.
Together with the complete automatic diagnostic programme this detector is situated among the pass-through gate with the highest quality in the world.
NOTICE: mentioned price od the detector DOES NOT COVER: transport to the place given by costumer, montage and installation, calibration and technical training of the crew.