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Detektor kovů Garrett GTI 2500
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Detektor kovů Garrett GTI 2500

code: 1120570
EAN: 7861560015346
without VAT: 29.399,00 Kč
with VAT: 35.573 Kč
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Key features:
• Exclusive Garrett Graphic Target Imaging display target´s true size (ranging from A to E size) and true depth.
• Discover Treasure 20% Deeper – Garrett´s PowerMaster Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology amplifies power to your searchcoil to increase depth and scan width.
• Non-Motion Deepseeking All-Metal Mode enables you to hover over a target with continuous audio response.
• 24 Segments of Notch Discrimination enables you to reject unwanted targets.
• Auto-Adjust Your Scan Speed: Garrett´s ScanTrack technology produces optimum treasure sinals at your preferred swing pace.
• Pinpointing – with true size and depth measurements.
• FastTrack Ground Balance and Surface Elimination are among the many features which enable optimum hunting with the GTI 2500 in trying conditions.
• All Metal Search Mode or Discriminate Mode: choose from Coins, Jewelry, Relics, Zero or Custom modes in Discriminate
• Includes Owner´s Manual and Instructional DVD
• Length: 40“ to 51“ – (1.01 m – 1.29 m), adjustable
• Weight: 4.6 lbs. (2.1 kgs.)
• Frequency – 7.2 khz, adjustable

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