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CSI PRO Recovery Kit

CSI PRO Recovery Kit

code: 1140780
EAN: 786156004160
without VAT: 23.323,00 Kč
with VAT: 28.221 Kč
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Probably the most imporatant modification of this variant is newly solved finder detector Pin-Point. Other changes in component basic board enables longer battery endurance during search which means goodly finance saving. Detector handles of two searching regimes: All Metal and Custom. Signal renewal time shortened so it is improved already very high separation quality. The new i salso a change in Notch discrimination which started at original variant Pro on ID conductivity 40 level. The security variant starts ID on value 1 which means improved discrimination of low conductive targets on the edge colour signal. Thanks to improved discrimination can eliminate bigger pieces iron targets and detect small coloured targets on them or find them in tight and close distance from these iron targets.
This variant Pro is specified only for experienced seekers, primary dealing with target detection in conditions which are not occured during common searching od artefacts in the nature.
The detector Garrett CSI Pro is for sale in set with Garrett Deluxe headphones, tactical belt case and Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer.