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Coil 4x5'' Super Sniper

Coil 4x5'' Super Sniper

code: 2222500
EAN: 7861560038970
without VAT: 2.639,00 Kč
with VAT: 3.193 Kč
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date of delivery: 2. 3. 2020


Coil 4,5" Super Snipe 4.5 inch Super Sniper Searchcoil. Complementary coil supplied to AT PRO International metal detectors. The coil is suitable for non-standard searching in places where it is not possible to get into with the basic coil. This coil is designed for cramped, medium and strongly ore contained surroundings and into very contamined localities. It is possible for underwater search. Coil 4,5" Super Snipe advantages: excellent seperation, point shot, small size, low weight. Coil 4,5" Super Snipe disadventages: short reach, slight scan width, lower sensitivity (according to the coil size).